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  1. You cannot share your username and password. If a violation occurs then your account can be canceled.
  2. To become an Elite member you must be 16 years of age and be a current credit/debit card holder if not you must seek your parents or guardians permission.
  3. The credit/debit card on file for Elite Members will be billed every month and will continue to do so until canceled by user.
  4. You cannot record or distribute any footage or material from the CheerLIVE website.
  5. The price for monthly access is subject to change, but users will be notified if such actions were to occur via email.
  6. If you cancel within the first ninety days, a $19.99 cancelation fee will apply.
  7. Restrictions
    1. You will not use CheerLIVE to reproduce copyrighted footage.
    2. You will not copy, store, or change the video footage in any way.
    3. You will not collect and store data about other members.
    4. You will not try to maliciously harm the CheerLIVE network in any way.
    5. You will not access data to which you are not authorized to view.